If you wish to undertake a course in illustration online as opposed to being physically present, it is possible. You should note though that there are very few programs on the same and you will find yourself in highly competitive situations. You can also opt to undertake a course in graphic design as most of these include studies in illustration. In this way, you will end up learning about other fields, and this information will prove beneficial to your career over time

Online Illustrator Courses

The good thing about these programs is that you can enroll and finish them online and this makes them an ideal choice for anyone trying to avoid attending physical classes. The various types on the same include Masters, Bachelors, and Associate degrees, thus catering to all levels. You do not need much to get into these programs. First off, you should meet the basic requirements of the program that you choose, and this includes preliminary tests. Secondly, you should have a computer connected to a high-speed internet connection as these courses are very intensive regarding the use of technology. Thirdly, you could find that your class requires special graphics software and it is best that you arm yourself with the same.

If you are undertaking an associate or bachelor’s degree, you will find that the course also involves general studies such as Math, social studies and English. However, most of the work involved boils down to illustration and typography. Once you complete your course, you will have a portfolio which you can then use when seeking employment.

Some illustration careers call for further specialization, and this is where graduate programs come into play. Examples include electronic game designing as well as medical illustration. For you to qualify for a Masters degree, you should possess an undergrad degree in a relevant field. You should also have a portfolio showing examples of the work you have done in the past. It is thus essential for people who wish to study graduate programs to work hard in their undergrad programs as this determines whether they can get into higher level courses. That is not to say that those solely undertaking undergrad courses should slack off on their studies.

When it comes to Masters programs, the entire study plan depends on you as most institutions allow you to craft a path that is in line with your goals and the set of skills that you wish to develop. You will undertake a thesis while in the program.

Associate’s Degree

Your best bet in online programs is to undertake a degree in graphic design as this will enable you to specialize in illustration. Graphic designers work in the creation of drawings such as signs, logos, posters, and other such materials. As such, they require a specific set of skills and this course aims to introduce them to concepts such as perspective, color, and composition. Over time, students work their way up to drawing, sketching, painting and manipulating images on computers. In this way, they start working on the portfolio which they will use when seeking jobs.

To apply for this degree, you should have a high school diploma or academic qualifications that are equivalent to the same. Some institutions will ask you to submit works of art during the evaluation process and upon acceptance; you are looking at about seventy credits. More than half of these comprise design and art classes. You can attend and participate in lectures, take exams, communicate with lecturers and other students and view demos using a high-speed computer.

Bachelor’s Degree

When you are in the job market, you will notice that companies offering high-level jobs often go for people with Bachelor’s degrees and there is a reason behind this. While an associate’s degree will equip you with basic skills and will enable you to improve your design skills, a Bachelor’s degree program is more in-depth in that it has much more coursework. As such, the kind of portfolio that one holds on graduation is much more extensive and of higher quality than of one who undertakes an associate’s program.

You are looking at undertaking at least 120 credits within four years. During this time, you can engage in internships to give you a feel of the work environment as you add on to your experience level.

Master’s Degree

Depending on the field in which you wish to work, you could find that you need to perfect your skills, and this is where this course comes in. You should take two years or so to graduate.

To get into such a program, you should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field as well as an impressive portfolio. There are many opportunities available to illustrators, regardless of the level. The more you advance, the more opportunities you get and the more money you can take home. The very best in your quest for knowledge!